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Subhendu Das is coordinating this site. He can be reached by email at:   subhendu.das@excite.com

You will find many things in this page that is not given in any modern textbooks on economics. For example, most of the modern textbooks on economics will not tell you that the central bank is a private bank.

Here we are looking for the root cause of our economic problems. Once we know the problem, you will realize that the MLE is the best solution. In reality, the capitalism has produced the idea of the MLE.

We thank you for your visit and please continue with us.

First Published: 12 September 2011

Last Updated: January 2015


Subhendu Das also manages the following blog sites and YouTube videos. All of them are extracts from the Soul Theory book. Some of the blog sites provide more details. The videos are short and provide only high level summaries.

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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. idpnsd
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 23:27:20


    I do not see any contradictions in your paragraph following – “People will be all different.” I agree with you there. Although I would like to comment on your statement, – “As their mature view of society compels them to reciprocate”. You are correct, that may happen too in long run. But in MLE they will be compelled to work for free, because, otherwise they will not get free food and shelter.

    You wrote – “This goes against practicality. …”. There is a FAQ on resource management, you may have noticed that. To justify MLE we cannot move from capitalism to a system that meets only “… the basic needs of people”. The MLE has the capability to maintain the exact same economy as we have now. You have proposed a very reasonable design of townships and I like it.

    You have written – “You should be allowed to travel freely but only within “open periods” after one has spent a set minimum amount of labor time in a given area”. This appears to be a restriction and treating labor hours as money. Why do you think it will be necessary?

    You may be right in saying –“…the missuse of the word “socialism”. I may have confusion in the definition of the word socialism. How do you define socialism?

    You said – “Why not treat people equally?” The next sentence in the FAQ is – they will have equal opportunity. I recently read a very good example – rain showers equally in all plants, but some give red flower and some yellow. Same is true for our education. We all get same education – but it manifests in different way in different people. We are all inherently different. We are born in different economic conditions, different towns, in families with different training and background, our parents are different, culture and values are different. Even physically we are different – some are short, some tall, some fat, some slim, male and females are completely different. Why not allow people to take their own paths and choices? Why impose the equality constraints? MLE is all about complete freedom. There is a FAQ on merit system also. Please look at that when you get a chance.




  2. Johnnie
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 05:34:50

    I really liked this website, then i noticed where you say its not socialism. And that you point out that MLE doesn’t require control. Its a misconception that Socialism is a “command economy.” When resources are utilized to its fullest potential and not monetized, there’s nothing “command” about that. They simply call it that to perpetuate the two myths, 1) Totalitarian governments such as china and the former USSR are purely socialist countries, they are not, they are primarily totalitarian with the label of being communist and 2) the only way to implement socialism is by force also not true, as it is implying that by some human nature we are incapable of using resources in a rational way and treating each other with equality. The “human nature” argument can support anything immoral. It can support racism, sexism, classism, slavery. However you can’t play the human nature card in a court of law. You can’t say you hit your wife because its human nature for a male to be dominant. That is not human nature. human nature is the capacity to do right or to do wrong. That capacity is directly influenced by culture and personal decisions made. The law recognizes this, science recognizes this, economists and proponents of the monetary system do not.



    • idpnsd
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 09:19:12

      Thank you for your comments. I agree with your views about the two myths that you have mentioned.

      But I did not understand when you said – “then i noticed where you say its not socialism”. Would you clarify the comment little more?

      You also wrote – “And that you point out that MLE doesn’t require control”. Did I indicate that anywhere? I may be wrong if I did that. MLE will have higher level of freedom, but some control will be necessary, at least during the initial phases. I have mentioned how IRS can be converted to monitor, control, and support MLE.

      I have also mentioned that MLE will use a card that will have the number 40 written on it to prove that the person has worked for 40 hours in that week. This card will control every individual.

      I should correct and rewrite properly. Let me know the problem location.




      • Johnnie
        Nov 16, 2011 @ 22:07:38

        section “FAQ: IS MLE SOCALISM?”

        “People will be all different.”

        ^I understand what you mean, that individual diversity is not prohibited. Although I would point out that this is provided though freedom of labor, whereas labor roles are not forced. For example, in Star Trek everyone is allowed to pursue jobs in any field they like, to full fill their cultural need to contribute. As their mature view of society compels them to reciprocate. I believe that in such a culture, labor will not need to be assigned as jobs most people do not want to do today will be celebrated as they contribute the most to society.

        “If you want to have a corporate jet, you can have that. It will be free for everybody. If you want to live in a big house you can get that free also.”

        ^This goes against practicality. Resources are finite. They are best utilized in the most minimal capacity needed to meet the basic needs of people. A modest sized “Apartment” style homes should be designed for the individual, couple, family/unit. As well as larger complexes around these homes that allow walking between them to places of distribution of food, clothing, electronics etc. that are covered areas to protect from rain or other weather. Everything should be walking accessible. Train-centric transportation to farther distances like there is in Japan. Trains then connecting to aircraft transportation.

        You should be allowed to travel freely but only within “open periods” after one has spent a set minimum amount of labor time in a given area.

        “Since house prices will also not increase no one will be motivated to buy them as an investment property.”

        ^Good point!

        “Since everybody will go on in their independent way, the MLE society cannot be dubbed as socialism. Everybody will be able to go anywhere, work in any place, and on any job of their liking. Nobody will be forced to work in a place that he or she does not like. The society will have true freedom for everybody.”

        ^not really bad, I am just very disheartened by the missuse of the word “socialism.” And that it has falsely been linked to totalitarian government. But forgive my anger, Its not bad to say its not socialism. Maybe its better for people to understand the way you say it.

        “MLE will not try to treat them equally”

        ^Why not treat people equally? We all have two legs, two arms, one head (i hope), eat, sleep, etc. People can stand out in academics, physical sports, games, Art, but from the standpoint of use of resources and contribution, there needs to be a standard of equality. Only suggestions :)



  3. Hari
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 16:33:27

    If you see this, then the reply/comments function is working.



    • idpnsd
      Oct 05, 2011 @ 17:06:29

      Thank you Hari. I hope you liked it.



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