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Sure there will be. Whole of Africa is suffering and calling for help. We can go there and build their society. Help them so that they can help themselves. Inside USA there are still people suffering in flood, tornado, draught, and earthquake disasters. They need help.

We cannot go to the moon. We need lot of new research effort to make that happen. New ideas and technologies will be necessary to achieve that. We will have to build the international railway system around the globe, so that we can effectively transport people.

We need a new kind of ladder to heaven, so that people can easily climb up, to find god and enrich their souls.

It is not possible to believe that people will remain idle in the world under MLE. Every day, every moment people will come up with new ideas to benefit the society, just like we are doing now.





People will get food and shelter for free only if they work free for 40 hours (in USA). So this will be the motivation for them to work. No work means no food and shelter. In USA all full time employees work for 40 hours a week. This number can change in future depending on how the MLE evolves.

The work is defined as any meaningful effort desired or required for the benefit of the society. Entertainments and sports will also be considered as work. Although many work types will vanish or become meaningless in MLE, but all facilities that will manufacture goods or provide services will be considered as meaningful work as long as the society needs them.

Many work, like research on the migration of monarch butterfly, which appears meaningless but funded now, will be considered as meaningful under MLE.

In MLE people will have tremendous surge of energy for work. Because they can now work on their own ideas, and on the jobs they really like. They can go to any factory anywhere in the world and start working there. The factory owner will not have any problems in hiring them, because the labor is free.

In fact unemployment is the greatest punishment in life. Nobody likes to sit idle. Everybody wants to contribute to the society. The MLE will give people the opportunity of their heart’s desire.



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IRS is the internal revenue service department of the US government. They collect taxes from the businesses and the people. Clearly their jobs will not be required under MLE. They can be dismantled. To avoid sudden chaos in the society, they can be slowly retrained to track the 40 hour plastic card system that the MLE will use. They will have to modify the software that IRS is using. They can become the human resource department of the government under the MLE. They will manage the hiring and firing of people and their relocation problems etc. They will define the jobs and they will find the need of the society under the MLE.

Similar methods can be implemented for many other corporations and departments of the government, which are meaningful now but will become unnecessary under the MLE. IRS is just an example of retraining of the people for the new life towards the MLE.




It is difficult to define hard and easy job. Most people will say, for example, engineering is a hard job and graphic art is an easier job. But you can argue in the following way against the engineering. Engineering is an easy job because you have a step by step process, defined in your books, and in your work manuals. You follow them and your work will be done. On the other hand, the graphic art is a creative work. There are no well defined procedures to create an art work. It is very hard to produce new ideas every day.

The concept of hard and easy is a byproduct of free money based capitalism. Same is true for good and bad. These are all false ideas to create discrimination in order to facilitate unequal distribution of free money.

In real life and in MLE people will do whatever they like to do. When you like something, that something will become easy for you. As Mary Poppins said, in every job there is an element of fun, you find it and the job will be done.

Thus a job that is hard for someone may be easy for someone else. 



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Education will change under MLE. At present, education is a money-making business. Free money has corrupted our education, subjects, contents, teaching methods, school environment, and everything. Under MLE people will design things in a different way including subjects of study. It will become more meaningful and useful.

New generation will evolve under MLE with new philosophy for education. People will like the modified system. Only those who like education will pursue their study. There will be very few people, and people with only real interests, will be in schools.

Our technology will also change under the new MLE. There will be no money making people and effort behind entrepreneurs to impose things in the society. 100 years after MLE, the society will look completely different from what we have now. Many of the existing concepts, theories, and technology will be gone completely. Humans will develop in different directions in values, philosophies, and cultures. We may move away from the consumer type society. So, different education system will be created which will motivate different kinds of people to join them.

All over the world and in all decades and centuries people have always gone for research, studies, and investigation. They have done so even without any external motivations. People have carried out tremendous amount of meditation and sacrifice to search for the truth. Galileo is a prime example. The MLE will actually encourage such activities.



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Yes, we have to always manage our resources, just like we are doing it now.

At present, if one million rich people try to buy corporate jets, they may not get it. They will have to wait in line for the manufacturers to produce them. Same thing will happen in the MLE also. If everybody wants something that is scarce, then we have to wait in line.

However, in MLE our philosophy and psychology will change. Since everything will be free, we may not try to get them as we are doing now. There will be no special economic or status symbols attached to corporate jets or luxury cars etc. Because anyone can have them, at any time, and they will be all free. So we will no longer remain a consumer society. Nobody will continuously advertise on the TV to go and buy something. We will buy only what we need.

As a result of changes in our attitudes, the demand for our resources will also change. Many resources which are scarce now can become abundant again. On the other hand, many things we cannot produce now, because of scarce manufacturing facilities. That will be gone too in MLE. We can start a duplicate factory, hire more people, buy capital assets free, and start to manufacture there. Also anyone will be able to start producing things we need. There will be no need to wait for banks to loan you money. There will be no need to convince venture capital companies for your patented ideas.




We cannot start MLE now. The money power is very big power. The money power controls, the CEOs, government, FBI, CIA, military, and everything. We cannot overthrow them. More importantly, 90% of the population believes in and supports the money power. The CB (central bank) is the originator of this power. It is the most powerful dictator of our time, and is bigger than the Kings of the past.

Never in the history of the world could the suppressed people free them from the suppressors. The suppressed people were always freed by someone from the suppressor community. Gandhi did not free the people of India. It was Hitler who destroyed the imperialism and made the colonies of Africa and Asia free. Same is true for the slavery system in USA.

Thus a much bigger power than money power will be necessary to overthrow the money power. We have to wait and see how it will happen. The Nobel Laureate Milton Freidman in economics said – “One unsolved economic problem of the day is how to get rid of the Federal Reserve”. The Federal Reserve is the CB of USA.


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