No, it is not. In MLE you can have anything you want. People will be all different. If you want to have a corporate jet, you can have that. It will be free for everybody. If you want to live in a big house you can get that free also. Note that socialism uses money, but MLE does not. Therefore they cannot be equal.

Since there will be no status symbol attached to a corporate jet, very few people will go after them. Since house prices will also not increase no one will be motivated to buy them as an investment property.

Since everybody will go on in their independent way, the MLE society cannot be dubbed as socialism. Everybody will be able to go anywhere, work in any place, and on any job of their liking. Nobody will be forced to work in a place that he or she does not like. There will be jobs everywhere for everybody. The society will have true freedom for everybody.

The MLE will recognize that every individual is different; male and female are different. MLE will not try to treat them equally. But everybody will have equal opportunity. In MLE there will not be any organized effort to control people. There will be no need to control. There will be no crime in MLE.