We describe the law of conservation (LOC) from physics. Then we show how money is used to violate the LOC. Because of this violation we have poverty around the world. We have debt, deficit, unemployment, and war. Therefore all our economic and social problems are manmade.

Where do we get the money? The money is originated by the central bank (CB). Only this bank can print money. It can print as much as it wants; whenever it wants, and give it to anybody it wants. It does not cost anything for the CB to print money. The CB prints money out of thin air. Thus money is free for the CB. We call it free money.

This bank controls economy by controlling the supply and distribution of free money. By controlling the economy the CB controls the government. If economy fails, people fail, and the government fails. The government of your country does not have any control over this CB. The CB is not accountable to anybody. It is a private bank, and therefore CB is the most powerful dictator. In USA the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) is the CB.

Since money is free, we really have money-less economy (MLE) now in our world. However, the money is not free for all the people of the world, it is free only for the CB. We show how we can run the same economy without this money. Thus the idea of the MLE was originated by the capitalism and the CB.

In MLE we get all our products and services free. Therefore we also work free.  The details of the MLE can be found below and in the FAQ. We want your help (a) to find the flaws in the MLE and (b) to show how we can fix it. At the end you will surely agree that the MLE is a meaningful and desirable economy.