The absence of money will make us pure and selfless again. We will no longer go after someone to steal his or her wallet. This MLE (money-less economy) will slowly bring us back to nature, we will start loving ourselves; we will have confidence on ourselves. Once we focus on ourselves, it will automatically change our mindset and we will start loving others also. We will again feel for the preservation of our environment.

This personal change will bring changes in the society, our culture, religion, and education.  The practice of religion depends on money now. In MLE that practice will also change, the religion will be transformed. Poverty will go away from the world. Peace will come to the world; there will be no more wars.

All these changes will bring changes in our demands for our products. Life will become simpler, loving, and peaceful. We will demand for new kind of products and education. We will understand the philosophies of Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Einstein, and can still have the life style of rich and famous, if we want to.

Some advertisement told us to carry a bottle of water, and we did. We lost our confidence on us. We have lived without carrying water for million years and the mankind survived. Another ad said to go to the fitness center, and we did. Have you ever seen a fat man going in and coming out as a thin man? We lost our self-confidence. The MLE will change that philosophy.