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Yes, it is feasible, practical, and can achieve the same thing that we have now. In reality we have a MLE now but in disguise.

It is well known that the money is free for the Fed. The Fed is the central bank (CB) for the USA. It is a private bank and only it can print money without any restrictions, at anytime, by any amount, and without any transparency and accountability. Since the money is free for the Fed, it should be free for everybody. We should not have to pay it back; there should not therefore be any debt or deficit. Thus the Fed has artificially created the taxation, periodic payment, interest rate etc. At the core of capitalism then we really have a free-money system or MLE now.

Let us examine the status of money today. We are all dealing with electronic money these days. Our employment checks are deposited electronically by our employers in our banks. We buy things using our credit cards. We pay the bills using our computers. Thus the money is just a number in some database on some computers. That number goes up and down and controls our life styles. Now we ask do we need that number to control us.

Isn’t it already a MLE? We are all trusting something that is not there or free like thin air.




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The MLE is money-less economy, a new economic system for the world. In this system there will not be any dollar bills or any kind of money. All products and services will be available for free. That means you will work free to give your services and you will get everything free, whatever you want.

You will get everything free only if you work free. You must work for a fixed number of hours. In USA a full time work is equivalent to 40 hours per week.

MLE gives you full democracy and any lifestyle you want. Thus MLE is not socialism or communism, because they used money. There is no money under MLE.




It can be implemented in many ways depending on the organizational setup and transitioning environment. Here is a possible method for now.

You go to work, wherever you are working now, just the way you are doing now. Work for 40 hours (in USA). At the end of the week your boss will enter 40 hours in your plastic card, very similar to present day credit card.

You will use that plastic card to buy things from grocery store or from any other place. You will swipe the card at the checkout counter just the way you do now. The number 40 will not reduce as you buy things.

Nothing has to change. In fact in this kind of transition method people will not even know, or need to know, that we have switched to a MLE based society. All you will notice is that there will be plenty of jobs for everybody. Nobody will remain unemployed.



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No, it is not. In MLE you can have anything you want. People will be all different. If you want to have a corporate jet, you can have that. It will be free for everybody. If you want to live in a big house you can get that free also. Note that socialism uses money, but MLE does not. Therefore they cannot be equal.

Since there will be no status symbol attached to a corporate jet, very few people will go after them. Since house prices will also not increase no one will be motivated to buy them as an investment property.

Since everybody will go on in their independent way, the MLE society cannot be dubbed as socialism. Everybody will be able to go anywhere, work in any place, and on any job of their liking. Nobody will be forced to work in a place that he or she does not like. There will be jobs everywhere for everybody. The society will have true freedom for everybody.

The MLE will recognize that every individual is different; male and female are different. MLE will not try to treat them equally. But everybody will have equal opportunity. In MLE there will not be any organized effort to control people. There will be no need to control. There will be no crime in MLE.



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In the present system we do not have a merit evaluation method. If you analyze carefully you will see that you cannot have a fair and balanced merit system. Under the present value system, as an example, a high school dropout can make million dollar salary as a CEO of a company, and a MIT PhD engineer can make 200K in the same company. It will be difficult to justify such a merit system. After all we are using free money to evaluate and compare things. The present system has to be corrupt.

In the abstract we have explained that the central bank (CB) is the dictator. The CB pays its people free money to implement the policies of the CB. So a merit system has been created to satisfy this policy. The best person will be chosen, not on the merit for the work, but on the merit to propagate and advance the dictatorship of the CB.

Two persons can never be equal. Just like our five fingers are different in our hands and we never feel bad or uncomfortable with their differences, we will similarly not compare people in MLE. In a business no two persons do the same job at the same time and in same place. Thus you cannot compare apples and oranges. It will be unscientific to compare two jobs or two people.

Besides, everything is free in the MLE, why would you then compare things? There will be always right people for every job. We have to understand that our mindset is biased or brainwashed with the present free money system. Our philosophy will completely change in the real MLE.



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Sure there will be. Whole of Africa is suffering and calling for help. We can go there and build their society. Help them so that they can help themselves. Inside USA there are still people suffering in flood, tornado, draught, and earthquake disasters. They need help.

We cannot go to the moon. We need lot of new research effort to make that happen. New ideas and technologies will be necessary to achieve that. We will have to build the international railway system around the globe, so that we can effectively transport people.

We need a new kind of ladder to heaven, so that people can easily climb up, to find god and enrich their souls.

It is not possible to believe that people will remain idle in the world under MLE. Every day, every moment people will come up with new ideas to benefit the society, just like we are doing now.




People will get food and shelter for free only if they work free for 40 hours (in USA). So this will be the motivation for them to work. No work means no food and shelter. In USA all full time employees work for 40 hours a week. This number can change in future depending on how the MLE evolves.

The work is defined as any meaningful effort desired or required for the benefit of the society. Entertainments and sports will also be considered as work. Although many work types will vanish or become meaningless in MLE, but all facilities that will manufacture goods or provide services will be considered as meaningful work as long as the society needs them.

Many work, like research on the migration of monarch butterfly, which appears meaningless but funded now, will be considered as meaningful under MLE.

In MLE people will have tremendous surge of energy for work. Because they can now work on their own ideas, and on the jobs they really like. They can go to any factory anywhere in the world and start working there. The factory owner will not have any problems in hiring them, because the labor is free.

In fact unemployment is the greatest punishment in life. Nobody likes to sit idle. Everybody wants to contribute to the society. The MLE will give people the opportunity of their heart’s desire.


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