In the present system we do not have a merit evaluation method. If you analyze carefully you will see that you cannot have a fair and balanced merit system. Under the present value system, as an example, a high school dropout can make million dollar salary as a CEO of a company, and a MIT PhD engineer can make 200K in the same company. It will be difficult to justify such a merit system. After all we are using free money to evaluate and compare things. The present system has to be corrupt.

In the abstract we have explained that the central bank (CB) is the dictator. The CB pays its people free money to implement the policies of the CB. So a merit system has been created to satisfy this policy. The best person will be chosen, not on the merit for the work, but on the merit to propagate and advance the dictatorship of the CB.

Two persons can never be equal. Just like our five fingers are different in our hands and we never feel bad or uncomfortable with their differences, we will similarly not compare people in MLE. In a business no two persons do the same job at the same time and in same place. Thus you cannot compare apples and oranges. It will be unscientific to compare two jobs or two people.

Besides, everything is free in the MLE, why would you then compare things? There will be always right people for every job. We have to understand that our mindset is biased or brainwashed with the present free money system. Our philosophy will completely change in the real MLE.