It is difficult to define hard and easy job. Most people will say, for example, engineering is a hard job and graphic art is an easier job. But you can argue in the following way against the engineering. Engineering is an easy job because you have a step by step process, defined in your books, and in your work manuals. You follow them and your work will be done. On the other hand, the graphic art is a creative work. There are no well defined procedures to create an art work. It is very hard to produce new ideas every day.

The concept of hard and easy is a byproduct of free money based capitalism. Same is true for good and bad. These are all false ideas to create discrimination in order to facilitate unequal distribution of free money.

In real life and in MLE people will do whatever they like to do. When you like something, that something will become easy for you. As Mary Poppins said, in every job there is an element of fun, you find it and the job will be done.

Thus a job that is hard for someone may be easy for someone else.