Education will change under MLE. At present, education is a money-making business. Free money has corrupted our education, subjects, contents, teaching methods, school environment, and everything. Under MLE people will design things in a different way including subjects of study. It will become more meaningful and useful.

New generation will evolve under MLE with new philosophy for education. People will like the modified system. Only those who like education will pursue their study. There will be very few people, and people with only real interests, will be in schools.

Our technology will also change under the new MLE. There will be no money making people and effort behind entrepreneurs to impose things in the society. 100 years after MLE, the society will look completely different from what we have now. Many of the existing concepts, theories, and technology will be gone completely. Humans will develop in different directions in values, philosophies, and cultures. We may move away from the consumer type society. So, different education system will be created which will motivate different kinds of people to join them.

All over the world and in all decades and centuries people have always gone for research, studies, and investigation. They have done so even without any external motivations. People have carried out tremendous amount of meditation and sacrifice to search for the truth. Galileo is a prime example. The MLE will actually encourage such activities.