Yes, we have to always manage our resources, just like we are doing it now.

At present, if one million rich people try to buy corporate jets, they may not get it. They will have to wait in line for the manufacturers to produce them. Same thing will happen in the MLE also. If everybody wants something that is scarce, then we have to wait in line.

However, in MLE our philosophy and psychology will change. Since everything will be free, we may not try to get them as we are doing now. There will be no special economic or status symbols attached to corporate jets or luxury cars etc. Because anyone can have them, at any time, and they will be all free. So we will no longer remain a consumer society. Nobody will continuously advertise on the TV to go and buy something. We will buy only what we need.

As a result of changes in our attitudes, the demand for our resources will also change. Many resources which are scarce now can become abundant again. On the other hand, many things we cannot produce now, because of scarce manufacturing facilities. That will be gone too in MLE. We can start a duplicate factory, hire more people, buy capital assets free, and start to manufacture there. Also anyone will be able to start producing things we need. There will be no need to wait for banks to loan you money. There will be no need to convince venture capital companies for your patented ideas.