We cannot start MLE now. The money power is very big power. The money power controls, the CEOs, government, FBI, CIA, military, and everything. We cannot overthrow them. More importantly, 90% of the population believes in and supports the money power. The CB (central bank) is the originator of this power. It is the most powerful dictator of our time, and is bigger than the Kings of the past.

Never in the history of the world could the suppressed people free them from the suppressors. The suppressed people were always freed by someone from the suppressor community. Gandhi did not free the people of India. It was Hitler who destroyed the imperialism and made the colonies of Africa and Asia free. Same is true for the slavery system in USA.

Thus a much bigger power than money power will be necessary to overthrow the money power. We have to wait and see how it will happen. The Nobel Laureate Milton Freidman in economics said – “One unsolved economic problem of the day is how to get rid of the Federal Reserve”. The Federal Reserve is the CB of USA.